Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club

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Gillette makes a bold move to compete with Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, and other online shave clubs.

Gillette announced its new subscription service over the weekend via television commercials during shows that guys love. The decision should be alarming to their current retailers and their supply chains. They now offer cut-throat pricing and a complete elimination of the middlemen. It’s the equivalent of aiming at your foot and then pulling the trigger. How will this decision impact retail sales? Margins are already (get ready for the pun) razor thin for stores like CVS and Walgreens. What would be their motivation to carry their products now?

The real question is does this impact my BladeButter™ products? Yes, it will affect my business in a very positive way. First off, BladeButter™ RazorBooster can help any razor perform better and last longer. It doesn’t matter if they’re  Dollar Shave Club razors (they buy them from DorcoUSA and them resell them to you as their own – visit Dorco’s site) or the German-engineered blades that Harry’s sells. BladeButter™ RazorBooster can save your blades, your skin, and your hard-earned money. Secondly, retailers may want to carry less razors and add more products that enhance the shaving process. The margins are much higher, they take up less space on the shelf, and they don’t require security measures that eat away at profits.

A big thank you to Gillette for creating this opportunity for my BladeButter™ Brand. The battle should be very entertaining for us to watch.

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