A few years ago, I ran out of my favorite shaving gel and was not excited about the prospects of a soap-and-water shave. I remembered I had some highly filtered naural oils leftover from solving a clients sticky protein bar problem. I thought 'I'll dip my razor in it to soften the blow.' To my amazement, I ended up enjoying one of the cleanest, closest shaves of my life.

I built on that moment by shaving regularly with Oil #3 for the next three months. I noticed that my razor was staying sharper, longer. I ended up using just two razors in that three-month period. It was an eye-opening discovery because I would normally use fifteen (Gillette Sensor) razors in that time span. I knew it was time to develop a formula that was also good for my skin.

I worked with a great formulator to make BladeButter™ a “multi-dimensional” product. I’ve added all natural astringents like Tea Tree Oil and Aloe to disinfect the blade. I also included ingredients like Vitamin E and Antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

The final product has been very successful. We've been reviewed and featured by Thrillist, The Wall Street Journal / MarketWatch, The Tampa Tribune, The Gloss and many more great publications and websites. My favorite accolade is being recommended by Good Housekeeping in an article titled "5 Father's Day Gift Ideas." Our tiny brand was #3 in a list that included large, international brands: Panasonic, Aveeno, American Crew and CeraVe.

I'm proud of how BladeButter™ has evolved. Now I'm offering great products like ShaveJelly and DragonsEdge Razors to my very loyal customers. Shaving has become a much more enjoyable experience for me. I get better shaves on a regular basis and I’m spending a lot less money on razors.

Don’t take my word for it… Try BladeButter™ Brand products for yourself.

–Matt G.