RazorBooster 1oz Dropper


RazorBooster 1oz Dropper

Stop spending a fortune on razors. All-natural RazorBooster helps any razor perform better and last up to ten times longer.

    • Penetrates The Metal Of Your Blades Protecting Them From The Inside Out.
    • Virtually Eliminates Friction & Oxidation That Causes Blades To Wear Out Prematurely.
    • Delivers Proven Skin Repairing Ingredients Like Green Tea, Vitamin E & Antioxidants.
    • Contains Ingredients That Sanitize Your Blades Naturally.
    • Protects Against Nicks, Cuts, Scrapes & Razor Bumps.


What Makes RazorBooster So Special?

The difference is our Nano Filtration Technology (NFT). We make the oil molecules small enough to penetrate the metal of your blades protecting them from the inside out. This virtually eliminates the friction and oxidation that wears out blades prematurely. This allows you to extend the life of your razor up to ten times it’s normal life span. NFT helps sanitize your razor naturally and it helps deliver skin repairing ingredients like Aloe and Vitamin E.

How To Use

Treat your blades with RazorBooster for a few seconds ONE TIME before shaving.


Contains all-natural micro-lubricants including pure white mineral oil, tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe oil, vitamin E and natural fragrance.